1. Anonymous said: do you have more of a personal just for shits tumblr KHB that's not all of your own photos, and your interests and reblogs and stuff

    No I’d much rather contribute something then waste time reblogging the same 20 pictures as everyone else

    Ps. This is as personal it gets homie
  2. magenta cigarette


  3. Show #003


  4. To all my friends

    Don’t put filters on my photos if you post them. I pick the type of films I use deliberately and with purpose, and every time I see one of my photos reposted on Instagram with a shitty filter slapped on it my soul dies a little bit more each time. It doesn’t look better, it looks fake and fucking stupid. What’s the point of me spending money on specific film stocks to document the lives of people I care about when your just gonna add some of your “own” “creative” flair (shit) to it . I might as well have shot it on an iPhone for fucks sake… If you don’t like how it looks the way I shot it, please, i’d rather you not take a shit all over it and post the end result on instagram.

    Sincerely, with love,


    Ps. This isn’t about anyone in particular I’ve just never publicly voiced my opinion on it and all my friends need to know this for future reference.


  8. Radio Show #002 with guest DripGod (@drippinsospretty)

  9. i’ve seen this movie before

  10. hi, how are you